Without a doubt, football is sport number one in Germany and its national championship is one of the most intense competitions in the world. Bundesliga, as German first division is widely known in football parlance, is definitely among the top European leagues and it can be counted on to produce plenty of high-quality action every week. While it may not be as glamorous and rich as the English Premier League or Spanish Primera, Bundesliga features a lot of elite players and its teams frequently win big on the European stage.

It is not a surprise that the top German league has many international fans and attracts a good deal of betting interest, as well. Since it’s not as hyped up as some other leagues, it could represent a great opportunity for bettors looking for a new strategy to shake things up. Here are a few tips that might be very useful if you decide to put some money on outcomes of Bundesliga matches:

Don’t bet against Bayern
In football, there are sure things and then there is Bayern Munich. This team won eight of the last twelve national titles (26 in total) and dominated all league rivals like no other team from a large country in recent memory. At present time, they are sitting in the first place again, more than a dozen points above the closest competitor. Betting against this evil machine is not something you ever want to do, no matter how attractive the odds look and how hot their current opponent is. If anything, you should be looking to play on Bayern and parlay this bet with a few others to build a relatively safe ticket that still pays handsomely. Remember, Bayern playing at home against anybody is pretty much a done deal.

Account for the home advantage
Speaking of home advantage, stadiums in Germany are famous for high attendance and rabid support from the local fan base.The atmosphere can get raucous and very loud, so it’s really difficult to go into someone’s home field and snatch a victory, even for quality teams. You can expect the home team to put up a fierce fight in front of its own agitated crowd, so bottom-feeders are known to get draws or even win when playing heavy favourites at home. Of course, this tendency will be calculated into the odds, but there is a small window of opportunity to catch a surprise and capitalise on it. Keep tabs on each team’s home/away splits and you’ll have an idea which teams play the hardest in their own stadiums.

Watch for young teams on the rise
Sport betting is all about identifying underestimated teams early and supporting them at just the right moment before the odds change. With eighteen teams on its roster, German Bundesliga is a fertile ground for up-and-coming teams that lack international prominence despite the fact they could make some noise in the ongoing season and the near future. Given that the level of competition (as well as the budgets) falls off considerably after top five or six teams, there is a lot of space for a dark horse contender to emerge in any particular season. You could win a lot of money if you correctly guess which team might play that role this year.

Keep up with team news regularly
Coverage of the German Bundesliga is extensive and gaining full access to the latest news about your favourite team and its key players should be easy. That’s the beauty of betting on the Bundesliga – it is a high-profile competition that somehow still flies a little bit under the radar. Reading the chatter on sports blogs will let you know intricate details about current form of each squad and allow you to sniff upsets before they happen. It goes without saying that you should still take any information gathered in this way with some reservation, but quite often such insights could lead you to a favourable outcome. If you love football and have a team you like in the German top division, it won’t take you too much effort to follow it on a weekly basis.

Are you a true Deutschland fan? Bet on your team in the German Bundesliga matches every week and cash in on your love for the magical game with the help of those simple tips.

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