The advent of daily fantasy sports (DFS) games is something that has taken the United States by storm. The UK and Europe are fast catching on to this growing sports betting trend and Premier Punt are leading the way with the most exciting daily fantasy football gaming platform on the market today.

So what is it about daily fantasy sports that are so enticing to football fans?

Anyone who has played fantasy football knows how exciting the format can be… but the problem is that 8 or 9 weeks down the line when you are languishing in mid table or worse it is easy to lose interest in the competition. Unless you are a hardcore fantasy football player you might find yourself leaving your team to fester in a pit of dead fantasy football teams. If you are lucky enough to be riding high in your league then as much as it might be nice to batter your mates in to foundations of your league, the competitive nature of your league is going to be poor – and where’s the fun in that?



Whilst we focus on fantasy football, the rise of daily fantasy sports as an industry is partly thanks to this competitive flaw in the season long games. No matter what the sport, the problems of players losing interest is evident across all sports.

Daily and even weekly fantasy sports formats fix this problem by having short and snappy games with almost instant gratification. The competition resets every time a new daily or weekly game starts and everyone loves instant rewards – and what’s better than instant cash payouts?!

Whether you are taking on your mates or taking on strangers in weekly and daily mini-leagues, you will never lose interest in the daily and weekly games.



The Premier Punt Pick Six games make the daily games quicker and easier to play than ever before. The ability to choose 6 players from the two competing teams with no budget restrictions means that choosing a team couldn’t be simpler. With no need to worry about transfer prices you simply have to choose the 6 players that you think will be the best performers on the day.

Take the Man Utd Vs. Leicester fixture that takes place during game week 6 for example. You could take a team of the likes of Ibrahimovic, Slimani, Pogba, David De Gea, Drinkwater and Valencia without even giving a second thought as to their values. A pot that stands at over £425 means the rewards are substantial if you are to win or place in the top 10.

With single games for every fixture in the Premier League there are plenty of opportunities to win and with entry fees starting at just £2 you could enter as many teams as you like for relatively small stakes.

With game week 6 ready to kick off in a matter of hours why not get yourself involved in the growing trend of daily and weekly fantasy sports betting today?