Unless you’ve spent the last couple of years smoking crack and chasing penguins on Tristan da Cunhayou’ve probably asked yourself whether Tim Sherwood is a bit of a knob.

With an inexplicable affection for body warmers and a soft spot for volleying water bottles, it’s the kind of behaviour that should put the Aston Villa gaffer at the peak of the Gonad Graph …

… and that’s before we mention his fondness for spouting complete and utter bollocks.

It was during Sherwood’s six-month reign at White Hart Lane that this ostensible haughtiness reared its ugly head, with rumours circulating that he’d regularly snatch Gareth Bale’s crotch and whisper sinister threats of garrotting the Welsh midfielder with his girly headband.

Add in the fact that nothing was ever his fault – from the squad of chumps he inherited from AVB to the respect he so obviously failed to command from certain players – and the 46-year-old began to look like an angry supply teacher who’d knocked back one too many drinks at lunchtime.

But should a blunt manner really relegate Sherwood to the lower leagues of perpetual knobbery?


For any football fan with a sense of humour, Sherwood should be applauded rather than censured, as he’s so often the comedy cure to the same brand of predictable poison the majority of managers spit out week after week.

While Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce drone on and on about a game of two halves and the incompetence of the officials, Sherwood frequently has the media on tenterhooks, waxing lyrical about his dislike of Benfica boss Jorge Jesus or casually chatting about his latest prostate exam.

Aside from being commended for his honesty in the public eye, those who’ve witnessed Sherwood hold court in private say he makes Nigel Farage look like the shy and retiring type, with his barbed opinions about the egos of the modern day footballer often at the top of his list of gripes.

Admittedly, the former Spurs gaffer’s managerial style may not be for everyone, but his knack for turning around the fortunes of underperforming players – Christian Benteke, we’re looking at you, son – and his unparalleled self-belief puts him head and shoulders above the rest.

So … is Tim Sherwood a bit of a knob? Almost certainly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘til next time …