In Fantasy Football, the majority of our team budget is going to be spent on our strikers. Certainly when you break it down in to average cost per player, the strikers are going to be where the biggest investments are made… and rightly so.

But what is it that makes a good striker – and do the same qualities make a good fantasy football striker as the qualities you might look for in the real life Premier League?

If we look at the top 4 strikers this season so far in terms of goals, we have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Diego Costa, Sergio Aguero, and Romelu Lukaku. Between these four, they have netted 14 times and all of them have at least 3 to their name. They are familiar names and ones that could easily have been predicted to be up there at the start of the season.

We assess the potential of each of these players for our weekly and daily fantasy football games.



Zlatan is a beast. Plain and simple. He might not have the pace that he once had but he more than makes up for it with ability. Some strikers lose their game once they reach a certain age but this has not been a problem with the super Swede. His ego is plentiful and this is potentially another link in his armour. The fact that he is clearly Manchester United’s number one striker is also a big selling point when considering him for your Fantasy team. 


Diego Costa has had a very good start to the season with 4 goals in 4 games and he also has an assist to boot. The Spaniard has a ruthless streak running through him that sometimes spills over in to aggression. There is no doubting his quality and his biggest strength is his clinical finishing and bullish build. He can bully even the stockiest defenders and like Ibra, he looks to be the number one striker at Chelsea this season. 


Lukaku had not scored in the league since March but a hat-trick against Sunderland in game week 4 reminded us of how lethal he can be. 18 goals last season shows he is a striker that has to be taken seriously, but whereas Costa has the consistency Lukaku seems to blow very hot and cold. A very different temperament to the Belgian’s game means he is much less of a risk of receiving a ban – but give him enough chances and he will punish a weak defence. 


Without a doubt there is not a striker in the Premier League who is better than Sergio Aguero. The Argentine reminded those players who would risk saving money on him how much of a mistake that could be in midweek by scoring a hat-trick. More diminutive in stature than all of the other strikers on this shortlist, and perhaps more in line with the build of a certain Mr Suarez, Aguero has been a consistent performer for Manchester City and looks set to be the class act once again this season.

So what makes a good Fantasy Football striker?

Really, the answer to this is simple. It’s goals.

Goals, goals and more goals.

Predicting when the goals will come is the hard part. All of these strikers are going to score 15 or more goals this season. Most of them will probably score 20+ and I’d say at least one of them will score more than 25 – no prizes for guessing who.

Of course, assists come in to play as well as the team they are playing for. Man City look like a real force this season and they are more likely to score more team goals than any other team in the league. A quality striker, playing for a quality team – that’s what makes a top choice fantasy football forward – it’s just a shame he’s suspended for another week!