We are just two weeks in to the Premier League season and as we head in to game week 3 it has been notable that some of the big name players are already performing as per the script. Living up to their pre-season hype, players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sergio Aguero are in excellent form and with the world’s most expensive player (Paul Pogba) set to make his second start for Manchester United this week we are asking the question – are these players really extraordinary or are they just a load of big egos?


Any player who comes out with statements like ‘I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am’ and ‘when you buy me, you buy a Ferrari’ has to have an ounce of skill or suffers from complete disillusionment. Whether you are endeared to his personality or think he’s just another Premier League playboy, the Swede’s performances on the pitch have been outstanding so far with 4 goals in his first 3 games for United (if you include the Community Shield).

With the self proclaimed ‘special one’ as his manager it is likely that the ego will be kept in check to an extent but with Ibrahimovic only scoring less than 20 goals a season once in the last 5 seasons, he is likely to live up to his own hype.


Sergio Aguero is generally considered by most Fantasy Football players as being the best in class when it comes to scoring goals and there has been nothing this season to suggest we will see anything other than a stellar season from the Argentine. Another big player who has hit the ground running with 6 goals in 3 games, Sergio doesn’t appear to have the same arrogance that some of the Premier League’s other big hitters have but he shows his arrogance on the pitch rather than off it.

It is difficult not to love Sergio Aguero. The only thing that puts most Fantasy Football players off including him in their teams is the price tag. We think he is pure class and worth every penny.


Paul Pogba made his debut for Manchester United last week against Southampton and looks set to play against Hull City in game week 3 and the Frenchman made it look incredibly easy with a pretty flawless display against the Saints with the exception of heading over the bar from close range. The difference between Pogba when he left United and Pogba now seems to be maturity and humility.

Anyone who has seen Pogba interviewed since his big money move to the Premier League would be hard pressed to find any arrogance in the man. Many would argue that to become the most sought after player in the world requires a large degree of arrogance, but like Aguero, Pogba seems to be doing most of the talking on the pitch.

The way he has dealt with the return to a club that allegedly spurned him after his first spell there has to be applauded, particularly given some of the things that were said after he moved to Juventus in 2012. Pogba has already played more minutes for United in his second spell at the club than he did during the first and it looks like the move to Old Trafford is a good one for the club and for the league as a whole.

His price might be over inflated but then isn’t every price of a Premier League player? One thing is for sure, his class is clear to see and if he can hold his own amongst the other egos at his club then he will be a star in the grey skies of Manchester.


The players with the biggest Egos often make excellent managers as they are able to put their personality across to their players. The influx of new management in the Premier League gives us the opportunity to see a plethora of top managers flex their muscles as they vie for the number one spot in the world’s best football league.

Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are just a handful of the new(ish) names in the league and they carry some of the biggest personalities in the game. It is too early in the season for the real antics to start but no doubt there will be plenty of fallings out as the season progresses and we can’t wait to see some of the heavyweight clashes unfold.

From Conte’s exuberance, Klopps passion (proclaiming himself the normal one), Mourinhos arrogance and Guardiola’s style – each of these top class managers bring something special to the league – and it certainly is a league of extraordinary gentlemen.