With just four teams left in the European Championships of 2016 there have already been 20 nations dumped out of the competition. Managers have lost their jobs, players have retired from international duty and fantasy football followers have made more transfers than Harry Redknapp on speed on transfer deadline day. But one thing cannot change… and that is your home nation and which country you support… or can it?

With all the home nations’ players taking early trips home (except Wayne Rooney who upset many England fans by jumping straight on a luxury £120,000 per week yacht) people tend to feel the need to support a remaining team for the competition to hold their interest. With Portugal, Wales, Germany and France remaining in the competition the question of who to support becomes an interesting one.

As a long suffering England fan I have become adept at finding a fondness in my heart for other teams but after hearing how many Wales fans were desperate for England to lose to Iceland should the usual support offered to other home nations be extended? Perhaps not.

What about the Spanish fans? Certainly any Real Madrid fans could be licking their lips at the prospect of Gareth Bale and his Welsh side taking on Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portuguese side. Perhaps a similar dilemma exists for the Spanish though as it does for the English in supporting their neighbouring country.

Germany and France will do battle in the second semi final in what looks highly likely to involve the winner of the entire competition. So glory hunters might want to opt for the semi being played on July 7th for their new found team to follow. With France being the home nation there is some romanticism in supporting them to win it, but can they overcome an uber-efficient Germany side? One thing is for sure – Germany won’t be winning many English fans over any time soon.



Of course, many hardcore national fans will find it impossible to switch allegiances to another country, no matter how temporary the affinity. In this case, there is only one thing for it – and that is to load up on your favourite fantasy football site and back the players rather than the countries. Whether it is The Sun Dream Team, McDonald’s Euro 2016 Fantasy Football or our very own Premier Punt daily fantasy football betting platform, you will easily find a way to sustain your interest in the Euro’s a little while longer.

So the next question is who to back. Whether you are opting for a Premier Punt daily game or a more regular fantasy football game you are going to need players that can have an impact. Both games are likely to be tight and cagey affairs as the seriousness of reaching a major final will be hanging in the air and so defenders could be key.

Ashley Williams has already chipped in with 2 goals in the competition and is priced right and with Portgual looking a little lax at times he could bring a clean sheet too. Gareth Bale has the edge on Ronaldo for me although every poll suggests they can’t be split. Wales could be the ones to back with their team spirit helping to see them through.

The Germany and France game has to point to one player. A player who had a phenomenal Premier League season and one that has simply shone at this tournament so far – and that is Dimitri Payet. The Frenchman has 3 goals so far and has looked sublime in every single game. Antoine Griezmann leads the race for the Euro 2016 golden boot with 4 goals and should be another for consideration.

Strangely, I see more goals in the Germany Vs. France game than the Portugal Vs. Wales game so stocking up on attacking players from the host nation’s fixture is probably a better bet – it is also likely they will have a better final than Wales or Portugal… but who will be in the final? Your guess is as good as mine.

Before you go and load up your Premier Punt game to win some cash in one of our daily games, let me just get you in the mood by leaving you with that visual image of Harry Redknapp once again… transfer deadline day… let your imagination do the rest.

Now go and make those transfers.