Footballers have some of the biggest egos on the planet and when they are off the pitch they are all for blinging it up. Whether they are wearing a ridiculously expensive watch, a not so trend setting lime green jacket or wearing diamond earrings that equate to the GDP of a small nation, most footballers are not renowned for styling down their looks.

So it must be absolute torture when they step on to a football pitch and find themselves bound to the strict rules and regulations that forbid them from wearing jewellery and enforce them to wear a uniform. Now of course, the elite players customise their footwear but for some players this is not enough. Hairstyle is perhaps the one feature that allows footballers to express themselves on a football pitch… that is except for you know… actually playing football.

International tournaments never fail to bring out the best (and worst) in great footballing haircuts and this year’s offerings at Euro 2016 are no disappointment. With the Euro 2016 quarter final predictions on most people’s minds, we want to step aside from the seriousness for a few moments and celebrate the best barnets left in the competition.



A huge game awaits the Welsh on Friday in Lille and they can probably see a way through to the final if they beat the nation rated number one in the world according to Fifa rankings – that is if they are not blinded by some frankly stupendous haircuts.

The number one highlight (check out our hair terminology) has to be Aaron Ramsey. Having been likened to a Bond villain and perhaps looking more like a Backstreet Boys throwback he certainly caught the eye for more than his footballing ability when Wales opened up against Slovakia in their opening game.

Gareth Bale warrants a mention with his typical Galactico locks on show and Joe Ledley sports perhaps the best beard in the entire competition whilst Jonathan Williams was party to plenty of jeers from the England fans when they faced the Welsh – although there’s not much you can do about a receding hairline (although if he’s feeling bad about that then he should just check out Roman Zozulya of Ukraine and he’ll think he has nothing to worry about.

Belgium have some brilliant hair do’s of their own with Marouane Fellaini being a familiar one to followers of the Premier League. But top bill for the top team has to go to Radja Nainggolan who sports a shaved back and sides topped off with a very unique blonde mohawk. Framed beautifully with an impressive (and rather painful looking) neck tattoo and tramline eyebrows, Nainggolan looks like he’d be more at home with some of the off the pitch action than that of the beautiful game.



As the home nation France can pretty much do what they want when it comes to style, culture and fashion. Paul Pogba has never been one to shy away from the spotlight when it comes to style and he certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity of an international spotlight when it came to the careful planning of his Euro 2016 haircut. Some might say that his latest effort is pretty understated compared to earlier versions during his career but he has always been partial to the shaving of patterns in his hair. The latest rendition looks pretty labour intensive in terms of the maintenance but it’s not a patch on the ‘POGBOOM’ that he had previously. The Gallic rooster that he has shaved in to his hair and then dyed blonde is found on the French badge and is a nice touch – top marks for patriotism.

On a footballing note it looks like the French will have a very good chance of winning another tournament that they are hosting and they look clear favourites to go through. A tough encounter awaits in the semi-finals for them thought, but if they get through that then they could well justify a punt. Why not fill up on French players in our daily fantasy football game?



The super efficient against the super stylish and it is perhaps surprising that there are not more hair-do’s to talk of in this Euro 2016 quarter-final fixture. The Germans like to express themselves on the pitch and this looks set to be a classic encounter. The one classic top mop that we put the spotlight on has to be Stephan El Shaarawy of Italy. With the tallest hair in the competition (standing at 8.9cm) he resembles more a porcupine than international footballer but his prickly appearance might put off those Germans not wanting to feel his prick.

We’d love to hear your favourite hairstyles of Euro 2016 so why not tweet us your selections at @premierpunt and we will keep our eyes open for any new additions as players look to capitalise on the exposure of semi-finals and the final of Euro 2016.