How’s your fantasy football team looking?

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re languishing at the arse end of the table.

Despite your encyclopaedic knowledge of the English game, Adam from accounts, that vomit-inducing sycophant, the one who can barely spell EPL let alone pick a winning team, is riding high in the workplace league …

.. and you’re understandably depressed.

But it’s not your fault.

After all, your star striker’s early season form vanished quicker than Donald Trump’s wig in a whirlwind, while news of yet another injury to your crumbling back four was about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.

In a final attempt to shore up your leaky defence and knock some goals in at the other end, you’ve worked hard to switch your washouts for winners, your flops for frontrunners, your chumps for champions.

Nothing works.

You need a miracle to drag your charges – 50 Shades of O’Shea – away from a fictional relegation battle. You spend days tinkering with your team. You’ve installed a tactics board in your lavvy. Your pals have stopped calling. Your girlfriend’s left you.

It’s enough to make you eventually throw in the towel.

Lost Interest?

Clearly, the pressure of season long fantasy football can take its toll.

When you join Premier Punt, however, you can dip in and out each week, allowing you to pit your wits against other halfwits, without ruining your relationships. It also means you can use your skill to win real money or simply play for fun with fantasy money.

Even if you don’t have the time, knowledge or confidence to pick a team, you can take advantage of the auto-pick function, allowing you to challenge a friend or enter one of the many multiplayer games.


All you have to do is pick 11 players, with each player awarded points based on their performance. Your team value mustn’t exceed £100m and you can’t have more than three players from any one club.

Got it?

Sign Up For Premier Punt

If you don’t already have a Premier Punt account, what are you waiting for?

Registration couldn’t be simpler, so hop onboard, get ready for game week 29 and unveil your new team – Maradonna Kebab – to the world. Together, we’ll finally show that brownnoser from accounts who’s boss …

Good luck, you gallant punt!